Fine Gold LLC

Fine Gold LLC is a fast growing precious metals trading company based in Dubai, Established in 2010. We provide a dynamic platform that allows our clients to trade in Gold and other precious metals in a way that works best for them. We partner with major refineries, bullion banks and leading precious metals trading firms in both local and international market, which enables us to tailor our services to fulfill the needs of each of our clients in a way that suits them.

Fine Gold LLC is located at the heart of Deira Gold Souk, Dubai. Our key presence in an ever growing physical Gold market in Dubai gives us a competitive edge with respect to pricing, quality of products and availability, enabling us to deliver a wide range of products and services to our customers.

We have an experienced team of bullion professionals operating in the principles of reliability, trust and customer service.


We strive to emerge as a trusted partner for our clients providing them access to global and retail commodities market with prudent market intelligence, hassle free logistic solutions, and competitive prices for every trade to help achieve their trading and business goals.


We believe in bringing together suppliers, refineries, financial institutions, jewelers, importers, exporters, traders and investors to gain market advantage in this ever evolving global bullion market.

Policies and Procedures

In line with our aim to build long term relationship with our clients, we are committed to follow Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Combatting the Financing of Terrorism (CFT), Anti-Bribery and Corruption(ABC), and Supply Chain Management Policy and inform our suppliers of our standards and commitments. We have a dedicated team to assess all suppliers and transactions for risks and to mitigate any risks identified in the supply chain.